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With MNSi’s new fibre optic Telephone & Internet Service, you’ll have access to the most advanced, high speed, all optical network in Windsor. With crystal clear telephone quality and Internet service with the fastest download and upload speeds available, you’ll be able to enjoy the best that the Internet has to offer without the wait...

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What is fibre optic technology?

Fibre optic technology is the use of glass or other transparent materials to transmit wavelengths of light. With a transmitter and receiver at each end of a fibre cable, we can transmit data at incredible speeds.

Fibre optic cables are designed with distance in mind. Copper based networks from other providers suffer from attenuation and noise issues which causes drops in speed the further out you go. Fibre optics do not have this issue. Whether it's 1 kilometre or 20, fibre optics transmit at the same speed.

Fibre optics are delivered similarly to copper based networks. MNSi runs fibre from our data centre along existing utility poles or through underground conduits. From there we break out from nodes on utility poles or utility enclosures on the ground to run a fibre cable right into your home or business.

Within your building a device called an ONT is installed to connect the fibre cable. An ONT is similar in function to a DSL or cable modem. From there you connect to existing routers, computers, and telephones using standard ethernet and telephone wires.

For information about MNSi's underground fibre construction click here

What are the benefits of fibre optic technology?

With Fibre Internet and Telephone from MNSi you get the fastest download AND upload speeds and crystal clear telephone service.

Compare download speeds! (100 songs, ~500 MiB)

MNSi Fibre 1Gbps (1000 Mbps)
MNSi Fibre 100 Mbps
Average DSL and cable connection (up to 10 Megabit)
The simulation above is based on ideal conditions and a properly setup connection.

Full HD Streaming

Enjoy all the latest and greatest video and music services, from Netflix to Amazon Prime, through Twitch, iTunes and YouTube.

Netflix, Amazon and other video services use continuous large portions of bandwidth. HD and Ultra HD streaming may use from 5 to 25 Megabits of your internet connection. Streaming users who typically would also use multiple devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets are advised to opt for packages with download speeds of at least 50 Megabits per second.

With fast upload speeds available on fibre you can also upload videos to YouTube at the fraction of the time it takes on DSL and cable. Share your creativity with others in minutes instead of hours.

Get the online gaming advantage!

Whether it's getting the final kill in online shooters or getting the latest updates faster, MNSi Fibre is the best for online gaming. In the final seconds a match every millisecond counts and with a low latency connection from MNSi you'll always have the upper hand.

Love sharing your gaming experience with others? With the fastest upload speeds available you can stream to your favourite game streaming service at full HD quality. Your greatest gaming moments deserve the best and fibre Internet from MNSi delivers it.

Don't let bad weather get you down!

Fibre optic technology has the benefit of not being susceptible to weather conditions that would normally affect DSL and cable. When there is a storm outside, the interference usually associated with lightning does not affect your connection and there is no worry of water affecting line quality. *

* While the ONT provided with the service has up to 8 hour battery backup, you must ensure your other devices also have an alternate power source during a power outage.

Where is MNSi Fibre available?

MNSi Fibre for Home
MNSi Fibre for Business

Areas marked, in green or blue, as having fibre available are approximate. Please call for better accuracy. Availability is subject to change without notice.

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How do I sign up?

Select neighbourhoods in Windsor have already been fitted with MNSi's own high speed fibre optic infrastructure, with more being upgraded soon. To check if fibre is available in your area, you can check our fibre map or call customer service at 519-258-2333.

MNSi Fibre for Home

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