MNSi Fibre for Home

With MNSi’s new Fibre to the Home Telephone & Internet Service, you’ll have access to the most advanced, high speed, all optical network in Windsor. With crystal clear telephone quality and Internet service with the fastest download and upload speeds available, you’ll be able to enjoy the best that the Internet has to offer without the wait. Plans starting at $59.95 per month.

Plan Speed Unlimited Internet Phone & Unlimited Internet
Fibre 15 Bundle with Phone 15/15 - $59.95
Fibre 50 New 50/50 $55.00 $70.00
Fibre 100 100/100 $65.00 $80.00
Fibre 250 Popular 250/250 $70.00 $85.00
Fibre 500 500/500 $75.00 $90.00
Fibre 1000 Fastest 1000/750 $80.00 $95.00
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Speeds are measured in Megabits per second. For example the Fibre 100 plan has a download speed of 100 Mbps and an upload speed of 100 Mbps. All prices are subject to HST. There is a $50 (+HST) service activation fee. Additional construction charges may apply. Please call for details.

Unlimited Plans

Perfect for the power user, gamer or large family. Never worry about going over a data usage cap!

Unlimited plans are particularly useful if you do a lot of video streaming

Phone & Internet

All the benefits of unlimited plans with the convenience of phone service which includes:

  • Unlimited Local Calling
  • 250 US/Can LD Minutes
  • Call Waiting & Call Display
  • Voicemail
  • Selection of add-ons such as more long distance minutes or additional lines. Learn More

Where is MNSi Fibre for Home available?

MNSi Fibre for Home
MNSi Fibre for Business

Areas marked, in green or blue, as having fibre available are approximate. Please call for better accuracy. Availability is subject to change without notice.

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To find out if service is available in your area contact us at 519-258-2333 or 1-888-310-6674!


Feature Monthly Cost
1000 Minute US/Can LD $5.00
Unlimited US/Can LD $14.95
Call Forwarding (CF) $4.00
Selective Call Rejection (SCR) $4.00
Anonymous Call Rejection (ACR) $4.00
3 Way Calling (3WC) $4.00
Feature Monthly Cost
Feature Pack (CF, SCR, ACR, 3WC) $10.00
Distinctive Ring Each Number, up to 3 $4.00
Second Line FTTH Basic, Shared LD Mins $10.00
Second Line FTTH w/Features, Shared LD Mins $15.00
Additional Usage per Gigabyte up to $50.00 varies
Wireless Gateway $5.00

Telephone features and extra lines are only available on Fibre to the Home services.

What are the international long distance calling rates?

You can use the forms below to lookup the calling rates.

Phone Number should be with country code as you would dial it. IE: +81-3-5412-6200 (Embassy of Canada in Japan)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Please contact customer service at 519-258-2333 or 1-888-310-6674. We accept only automatic payment from a bank account PAP, Visa or Mastercard. We never invoice residential accounts.

How do I cancel?

Please contact customer service at 519-258-2333 or 1-888-310-6674. Any paid activation or move fees are non-refundable.

How do I move?

Please contact customer service at 519-258-2333 or 1-888-310-6674.

You must inform us when you move. To avoid interruption, please provide at least five business days for the new address validation. Non-refundable move fees may be applied.

Are there any install or sign-up fees?

There is a $50 (+HST) service activation fee per order. When ordering multiple services at once (internet, telephone, and/or TV) the service activation fee is capped to $50 (+HST). If additional services are ordered at a later date, the $50 (+HST) is applied as it is a new order. The service activation fee does not apply to "Extras" (telephone features, equipment rental, overages)

Additional construction charges may apply. Please contact customer service at 519-258-2333 or 1-888-310-6674 for details.

What are your costs for additional services?

Please contact customer service at 519-258-2333 or 1-888-310-6674.

I need help with my service

Technical support is available 24/7 and can be reached at 519-258-2333. You can check our support page for more details.

MNSi Underground Fibre Construction

For information about MNSi's underground fibre construction click here


Local telephone number portability is currently only available to customers with a land based (not mobile) telephone service in an area equipped for MNSi service. When switching phone providers, cancellation charges from your previous phone provider may apply.

Internet speeds vary based on traffic levels and individual destination capacity.

Prices do not include HST which is an additional charge.

MNSi FTTH services include a battery backup unit to provide telephone service for up to 8 hours during a power outage. Battery backup availability for businesses and MDUs vary by delivery method and may require providing your own solution. Access to 911 emergency services could be affected during extended power outages. Cordless telephones will not operate during a power outage and it is recommended that you have at least one corded telephone available for use during power outages.

Subscribers to MNSi telephone services are not capable of placing or receiving collect calls or calls to 900/976 premium services.

Customers served through wholesale arrangements with Bell Canada may be subject to their traffic management policies which include the application specific rate limiting of certain non-time sensitive peer to peer file sharing applications during peak usage hours. Where technology permits, customers served directly by MNSi's equipment are not subject to Bell Canada's traffic management policies.

MNSi services are subject to our Internet Access Agreement and other policies. Please review our Documents & Polices for details.